ABGA REG 10568096
DOB: February 2, 2012
DL MEDICINE MAN (OT) (10526097) X DL SHADY LADY (10496483)

Pedigree for Apache Outlaw

ABGA REG 10621535
DOB: January 16, 2013
DL EASY UP (10488088)

ABGA REG 10713547
Born April 1, 2016

Pedigree for Iron Cowboy

ABGA REG 10600138
Born September 14, 2013

Pedigree for Hillbilly Strut

ABGA REG 10548255
DOB: January 1, 2011

Owned in partnership with Pine Bank Farm, OH.

Pedigree for Synergy

ABGA REG 10671251
DOB: October 21, 2014
RM THROWBACK (10608253) X NK Z132 (10508633)

Owned in partnership with Big B Livestock, OH.

Pedigree for Windrush Boy Toy

ABGA REG 10677709
Born January 15, 2015
S2 CRUISER (10495946) X NK A59 (10547684)

Pedigree for Mucho Macho Man

ABGA REG 10556123
Born October 14, 2011

Pedigree for Shop Talk

ABGA REG 10449337
DOB: February 20, 2008

Pedigree for DL CSF CAT DADDY

ABGA REG 10568103
DOB: September 28, 2011
3LF SYNERGY (10548255) X DL FRAN

Pedigree for Silverado

ABGA REG 10605513
DOB: January 24, 2013
DL HILLBILLY BONE (10536765) X DL ATHENA (10496480)

Pedigree for Hillbilly Hangover

Born Oct. 3, 2010.
SED DL Marty *Ennobled X DL Nessa
DL Nessa is a Rhubarb *Ennobled daughter. This is a buck we just love. We wanted to keep back a replacement for Marty and this buck fits the bill. He has length, style, good on his feet and legs and he tracks well. We showed him twice in 2011. He was Junior Champion buck both times and Reserve Grand Champion at one of the shows.

Pedigree for Justified

ABGA 10536765
Born Oct. 14, 2010.
Lazy S-T Firecracker *Ennobled X DL She's Got It.

DL She's Got It is a War Chief Ennobled daughter. This is a buck that is pack with meat. We usually don't keep bucks that have this much 'white' on them but this guy was showing us a lot of potential. What you really remember about him is his rear end. He has the outer and inner leg muscle that carries way down. He has spring of rib, a wide top, length of loin and good on his feet and legs.


Pedigree for Hillbilly Bone

Born Sept. 15, 2010. We're in partnership with Angel Boer Goats, MI with him. He's sired by Lazy S-T Outback Jack and Lazy S-T Rose Petal. Powerhouse was their 2011 show buck and we're excited to have him as our new herdsire! He's long bodied, correct on his feet and legs, has mass and a beautiful head.

pedigree for Powerhouse

Born February 2010.
Owned by Pine Bank Farm
Sired by Firecracker and out of our show doe DL Tequila Rose. This buck caught our eye when he was young and he just keeps coming on. He has lots of length, width and style.

Pedigree for Tequila Matador

Born Oct. 4, 2010.
Owned by Big B Livestock
DL Santiago X DL Sangrita
DL Sangrita is a Sneak Attack *Sire of Merit daughter. This is a young buck that we love the style of. He stands wide, has width down the top, and a beautiful neck extension. He has thrown us some beautiful red does including one of our show does DL Belle Starr.

Pedigree for Mojito Jack

Born January, 2009. Smackdown is a spotted percentage buck that we raised to help build up our spotted herd.

Pedigree for Smackdown

Born January 2010. Sired by Sneak Attack and one of our show does DL Heaven Sent. We were really disappointed when we lost Sneak Attack, but we were excited when this kid was born. He's made a nice replacement for his sire. He is built like his father with a nice wide hip and an inner leg. He's the kind of buck that maked show wethers.

Pedigree for Cowboy Casanova

Born January 13, 2006. Santiago is a buck we bred and sold when he was just four months of age. We are thrilled to have him back in our herd. His dam is Margarita and his sire War Chief *Ennobled. He has length of body, width down his top, and an inside leg. Offspring include DL Whiskey Justice and DL Country Strong. A huge THANK YOU to Pine Bank Farm for taking him into the showring. He himself earned 24 points in the showring towards his dam's (DL Margarita) ennoblement.

Pedigree for Santiago

Born March 3, 2003 [deceased]. He's a deep mahogany solid red buck that was disbudded when we purchased him, but his kids come out with a nice horn set. He has that nice neck extension we are always looking for, width down the top, deep sided, inner leg muscle, and style.

Offspring include DL Olivia, DL Pinch Me and SED DL Lucy; Reserve Junior Champion 2008 Ohio State Fair and Junior Champion 2008 Michigan Spring Show.

Rhubarb is Ennobled with the ABGA.

Pedigree for Rhubarb

Born April, 2007 [deceased]. Firecracker was purchased from Lazy S-T Ranch. He has many attributes but his amazing head and length of body make him a buck we just love. He has a beautiful neck extension, clean lines and the style that works well in our herd.

Firecracker passed visual inspection with the ABGA.

Pedigree for Firecracker

Born October, 2006 [deceased]. He is a buck we are kept came our embryo flush program. He is our daughter Samantha's buck, hence the SED as his herd prefix. He looks like his sire, War Chief and has the clean lines we are looking for plus lots of muscling. He was named Junior Reserve Champion Buck at the 2007 Ohio State Fair and Yearling Reserve Champion at the 2008 Michigan Spring Show. His daughter's Cruel Exception and First Impression were in our 2009 showstring.

Marty was Ennobled with the ABGA in December 2010.

Pedigree for Marty

Born April, 2010. We purchased True Grit in the spring from Carol DeLobbe of Bon Joli Farms. We wanted a fullblood spotted buck to put on our percentage spotted does and some of our colored fullblood does.

Pedigree for True Grit

Born January 10, 2008. M.B. is a percentage buck that we used to make spotted doe kids.

Pedigree for M.B.

Born April 13, 2003. We purchased one of Kallie Kohls York bred flush donor does that she was selling bred naturally to NK Flash. She had triplets, two does that we retain in the herd and one buck; Speck of Flash.

His kids come out with a lot of 'flash', style and muscling. He also puts that beautiful front end, head and neck extension on his kids. He sired our daughter Samantha's doe SED 'Lena' who was Grand Champion Fullblood Doe at the 2006 Michigan State Fair and Grand Champion Fullblood doe at the 2008 Ohio State Junior Fair. Lena's flush mate SED 'Carmen' is owned by Jaylee Jordan. She has done extremely well in the showring being crowned Reserve Grand Champion at the 2006 September Spectacular JABGA show, fourth in class at the 2007 ABGA Nationals, and first in class in the Junior show at the ABGA Nationals. Carmen has won at least a half dozen champions in 2007. Speck of Flash also sired the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2007 Ohio State Fair.

Speck of Flash was Ennobled June, 2007.

Pedigree for Speck of Flash

Born October 2, 2000 (deceased May 2010).

ABGA Ennobled October of 2006. Dr. Pepper was our first non-traditional buck and the foundation sire of our red herd. We purchased him from Hugh and Ann Schafer when he was just six months old. He threw what we were looking for; length, muscling and most of all color. He wasn't allowed to be inspected before 2004 and show points from him or his offspring didn't count before 2004 either.

He produced our daughter's 3rd and 4th place overall wethers at the 2002 Ohio State Fair and various other county champions throughout the past years. He gave us our past show does including; DL Gracie Lou, Grand Champion Fullblood Doe - Ohio State Fair Junior Show 2006, DL Ruby Begonia, first in class Fullblood Does - ABGA Nationals, JABGA show 2005 and DL Garnet, Grand Champion Percentage Doe - Michigan State Fair 2005 & 2006. You can see their show records on our Awards page. His genetics run deep in our herd. He will be greatly missed!

Pedigree for Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper pictures

Born February 17, 2004 (deceased). We purchased War Chief at the Double Eagle Ranch Dispersal Sale in partnership with Angel Boer Goats of Michigan. War Chief puts it all together as a buck; mass, length, thickness down the top and through the leg, correct on his feet and legs and a beautiful head. He is what we like to say 'a nicely balanced buck'. He has produced offspring that have been doing well in the showring including SED DL Tempation; Junior Champion Fullblood Doe 2008 Ohio State Junior Fair, DL Ava; she's stood either first or second anytime she's shown, DL Foxy Lady; first at both shows shown at, DL Whiskey Girl and Samantha's buck SED Davidson Livestock Marty. Unfortunatly we lost War Chief in the winter of 08.

War Chief is Ennobled with the ABGA.

Pedigree for War Chief

Born October, 2006 (deceased). We purchased Sneak Attack from Bon Joli farms in the fall of 2007. Sneak Attack has lots of inner and outer leg muscle and a tail that stays tight to his rump. He has what we like to say a 'hog butt'. He sired our daughters Grand Champion Wether at the 2008 Ohio State Fair and our show doe DL Simply Irresistible. She was Reserve Grand Champion Percentage doe at two of the three shows we've showed her at in 2008 and won again in 2009. Sneak Attack needs one more doe kid to win five points to become a Sire of Merit with the ABGA.

Pedigree for Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack pictures

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