Welcome to Davidson Livestock Boer Goats! Our family farm consists of Kent and Amy Davidson, daughters Amanda and Samantha, and Kent's parents Walter & Von Davidson. We are located in Northwest Ohio, just 20 miles south of Toledo, and 7 miles East of Bowling Green. We raised purebred Hampshire and Suffolk sheep for well over forty years showing them at the local, state and national level. Our girls showed breeding sheep and market lambs at the county fair, and since we used dairy goats to raise orphan lambs they showed market goats.When we learned about the Boer goat we decided to breed our dairy goats to a Boer buck.

We purchased our first Fullblood Boer doe in 1997. Our daughters loved the reds and that was what our first doe was; a Fullblood red doe they named 'Copper'. She produced triplets for us every year; including our ennobled doe DL Margarita! We’ve been hooked on color ever since and introduced spotted goats a few years ago!

Kent is a past President of the Ohio Boer Goat Association and an American Boer Goat Association [ABGA[ sanctioned judged. He is also certified with the Ohio Boer Goat Association [OHBGA]. Amy was the Media Director for the Ohio Boer Goat Association and is also an OHBGA certified judge.

Our goal has always been to raise a strong, consistent growing, quality Boer goat that will perform in or out of the showring. We breed for reds and spots; paints are just a bonus! We offer Fullblood and Percentage does and wethers for sale, along with a select group of Fullblood bucks throughout the year. Feel free to give us a call or email us about our goats.

Davidson Livestock
Kent, Amy, Amanda, Samantha and Walter
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